We need you to help make our chapter and events successful! Below are our current volunteer opportunities: 

Executive Committee: Volunteer Coordinator (~10-15 hours/month) — understand volunteer interests, connect members/supporters with events of interest, help coordinate chapter events. Email Mike at chair@dc.surfrider.org if interested.

Executive Committee: Cleanup Coordinator (~10-15 hours/month) — organize river and ocean cleanups for the chapter. Email Meghan at cleanup@dc.surfrider.org if interested.

RIPPLE: Help plan (~5 hours/month) — join the committee to help the chapter plan its yearly fundraiser. Email Anupa at arts@dc.surfrider.org if interested.

Activism: Help plan campaigns (~5-10 hours/month) — help identify, plan, and strategize activism campaigns for the chapter. Email Mike at chair@dc.surfrider.org if interested.

Tabling: Tabling volunteer needed (5 hours/month) — help table for the chapter at local events. Car not needed. Email Jeff at jeffreyscotbell@gmail.com if interested.

Website & chapter technology: software developer volunteer needed (5 hours/month) — help write code to improve the chapter website and connect the chapter’s Facebook events page to Meetup page. If interested, email Mike at  chair@dc.surfrider.org.

Tabling opportunities

The chapter is often allowed to setup a table at events to educate people about Surfrider and the D.C. chapter. Below are those tabling opportunities where volunteers are needed. Email Jeff at jeffreyscotbell@gmail.com if interested.

August 21 (Friday), 5-9pm, downtown DC: SHACC’s Historic Tribute to Surfing — two volunteers needed

August 30 (Sunday), 9am-1pm, National Harbor: Chardonnay Run — two volunteers needed

Email Jeff at jeffreyscotbell@gmail.com if interested in tabling for the chapter at any of the above events.

Interested in helping the chapter in any other capacity?  Email chair@dc.surfrider.org with your expertise.