D.C. Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation


The Surfrider Foundation runs nationwide programs to help ensure that our marine ecosystems are protected. Whether it’s reducing litter, monitoring water quality, or partnering with groups and businesses to promote ocean-friendly practices, these programs tackle top ocean-related issues for the continued protection and enjoyment of our waters.

In addition to these established programs, Surfrider Foundation has an ongoing cleanup program to remove litter from beaches and coastlines. In 2019, they partnered with Reef, Clif Bar, and Costa to form the Better Beach Alliance in support of these cleanup efforts.


DC Chapter Programs

The DC Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation participates in two of our National team’s programs: Beach Cleanups and Ocean-Friendly Restaurants. To find out more about our involvement in these programs, please contact us at cleanup@dc.surfrider.org or ofr@dc.surfrider.org.