The D.C. Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation supports National, regional, and local campaigns:

wpid-wp-1405340854443.jpegBan The Foam

Plastic bags are the most found item in our local rivers. Number three is expanded polystyrene foam (commonly known as Styrofoam). Plastics are ruining our waters. The D.C. chapter is committed to keeping our local waters clean from this trash. We are running our Ban The Foam campaign to keep this trash out of our local waters.

Read more about our foam ban initiatives here.

BTB Logo 800x800Ban The Bag

Plastic bags are the most found item in our local rivers and they’re ruining these waters. We’re on a mission to stop this trash at its source and prevent it from reaching water.

Read more about our bag ban initiatives here.

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Atlantic Offshore Drilling

Drilling in our oceans is not the answer to our energy needs. The D.C. chapter focuses on keeping our oceans free from drilling and the environmental impacts associated with drilling.

Learn more about our drilling campaign here.

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River-smart Georgetown Waterfront Development

The National Park Service is proposing to develop the Georgetown waterfront. Protection of our local rivers is an important part of our urban ecosystem. The D.C. chapter focuses on minimizing impacts to the Potomac.

Learn more about our Georgetown waterfront protection campaign here.

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