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Resources for a Successful Solo Cleanup

Quick links:
– Online data card
– Printable data card
– Surfrider national cleanup database

Beach and river cleanups are an integral part of Surfrider's mission - they inspire and educate, improve our waterways, inform policy and conservation decisions, and build community. During these unusual times, all DC Surfrider cleanups have been transitioned from group events to socially-distanced, independent cleanups in adherence with guidelines from the DC city government. Participants are given the tools and information they need to continue having safe, fun cleanups while collecting vital data on the waste they find.

Are you interested in joining a socially-distanced cleanup, but not sure where to begin? Below you can find all the info you need to have a successful cleanup and stay safe doing it.

Have any questions? Email Megan at

1) Find an upcoming socially-distanced cleanup to join

Volunteer registration forms can be found on each socially-distanced cleanup event announcements on social media and our website.

Q: Can I do my socially-distanced cleanup outside of DC?
Absolutely! You can do your cleanup anywhere. Just include this information in the location section of the volunteer registration form.

2) Practice health & safety measures

3) Separate your waste & know how to dispose of it

Information on what is recyclable in DC can be found here.

4) Collect data on the waste you find, and share it with Surfrider

You can find the online data form here, and a printable data card here.

In addition to data on waste, take some time to observe patterns and potential sources of waste in your cleanup site. Are there enough public trash and recycling bins available? Is it mostly trash from nearby fast food restaurants? We will share your observations with DC Department of Public Works.

5) Have fun!

Share photos from your cleanup and get featured on Surfrider social media! Wear some Surfrider gear. Let us know about the weirdest thing you found, or any funny stories from your cleanup. Join our photo contests and win prizes!