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March Chapter Meeting

At our March meeting, we discussed upcoming events and had a guest speaker! See our notes below:

  • Chapter Updates:
    • First meeting without GW Chapter
    • Coastal Recreation Hill Day
      • 150 surfriders/industry reps/pro surfers
      • Over 100 meetings with reps
      • High level meetings with WH and dept of int
      • Pro surfer: Greg Long, Leah Dawson
      • Articulated federal priorities
        • Addtl funding for EPA
        • Break free from pollution act
        • Coastal conservation
  • Upcoming volunteer opportunities: CANCELLED
    • Rock n Roll – March 28 - CANCELLED
    • Storm drain markings - TBD (weather has to be over 50 degrees)
  • Anything but Surfrider:
    • Beth Porter - Climate Campaigns director from GreenAmerica
      • Break free from plastic pollution act 
        • 850 mil metric tons of GHG due to plastic production
        • Plastic production to ramp up 40% in the near future
        • House bill has 56 cosponsors
        • Senate bill has 8 cosponsors
        • Producers are becoming more open to discussion
        • Touches on:
          • Investing in recycling and composting infrastructure
          • Stopping pollution at source
          • EPR- extended producer responsibility
        • Includes: 
          • Nationwide “Bottle Bill” – 10 cent deposit on a bottle 
          • Moratorium on the building of plastic production facilities
          • Ban shipping plastic to developing countries
          • Other specific policies: 
          • Focus on addressing issue of fishing gear 
          • Standardize recycling and composting labels that make sense to the consumer how to properly dispose
          • Ban single use plastic
        • Action: Ask reps to co-sponsor 
          • Senate: S 3263 
          • House: HR 5845
      • Things Surfrider DC could also support: 
        • Zero Waste Act (b23-0506): Aligns with zero waste and that we should alert council members to vote. 
        • Boomerang bag program in Mt. Pleasant might be in the works
        • Skip the slip campaign:
          • Change to phenyl-free receipt paper
          • Switch to electronic delivery
          • Shorten receipt length
  • Brad: emergency preparedness panel