The National Park Service may redevelop the Georgetown waterfront near Key Bridge. Tell NPS you support increased public access to the river that respects the local environment.

Since 2012, the National Park Service (NPS) has been conducting a Non-Motorized Boat Zone study for redevelopment of the Georgetown waterfront at and upriver of Key Bridge.  The D.C. Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation has been monitoring this study closely as it potentially impacts public access to the river.  We were interviewed regarding our usage of the zone, and are excited and supportive of NPS’s efforts to improve public access to the Georgetown waterfront.

The current study show a few proposals that offer options such as an additional public access point and new boathouse facilities (possibly for collegiate and high school rowing groups).

Public comment on these proposals is due March 6.  Afterwards, NPS will conduct an environmental assessment regarding the alternatives detailed in the study.

The D.C. Chapter has prepared a letter to NPS detailing our support for increased public access, as well as our concerns regarding erosion and other environmental concerns regarding new waterfront construction.

You can review, revise and submit the letter below:

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