Releasing helium balloons into the atmosphere is detrimental to the environment and dangerous to animals.

Balloons travel hundreds of miles before they pop and litter the environment and kill various animals that ingest the balloons that are commonly made of dangerous materials.

The good news is that Maryland’s local government is working on a statewide ban of balloon releases during the 2020 legislative session. On March 17, there is a public hearing at 1:30 and you can participate!


  • When/Where: 3/17 at 1:30pm on the 3rd floor hearing room of the Council Office Building (100 Maryland Ave Rockville, MD 20850)
  • You can sign up to testify for this bill:
  • Please let if you’re planning on attending and/or testifying

Find out more about why balloons are so bad for animals here:

Note: Please use your discretion when traveling and attending events with the current outbreak of Covid-19. For more information, please head to this link: This event is a partner event, so it has not been cancelled. To see Surfrider Foundation, DC Chapter’s statement, please go to this link:

Photo: Dead bird tangled in a balloon. Credit: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service