For this months blog post, we decided to pick the brains of a few of our involved members to gain a better understanding of living in the DMV area and operating sustainably! We hope you enjoy hearing from your community and possibly pick up a few ideas to implement in your daily life – or get inspired to join the crew!

Why did you join Surfrider?

“I joined Surfrider while I was an undergrad at UNCW. I knew from the start that Surfrider embodied a great culture of environmental activism and outreach with like-minded people. Since then, I’ve loved my time as a member of Surfrider and plan on staying involved for life!” – Alex Marstall

What has your favorite Surfrider activity been thus far?

“There have been so many memorable activities I have participated in with Surfrider. I particularly loved our Earth Day birdwatching and stream cleanup, in partnership with DC Audubon, last year. Seeing the connection between the work we do at cleanups and the wildlife that benefit from it made the event feel so meaningful – and it was lots of fun!” – Meg McDaniels

Do you have a favorite beach within driving distance? What is so special about it?

“One of my favorite spots within driving distance of DC is Assateague Island National Seashore. There is truly nothing more incredible than camping in the sand dunes and waking up to the sounds of the waves… and wild horses!” – Christina Guerra

Any environmentally friendly brands you use weekly? What cause do they support?

“I have been using Mrs. Meyer’s cleaning supplies for over 7 months now. They are not only effective cutting through dirt and grime, but are sustainable, made with plant-derived ingredients, essential oils and other cruelty-free formulated ingredients, and packed in recyclable packaging (less pumps and caps).

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day supports sustainable practices in eco-sensitive areas throughout Asia, Africa, and South America, such as the Brazilian rain forests. The company does not test its’ products on animals, nor the products made with animal-derived ingredients.” – Vanditha Jain

What are your favorite nature spots in and around DC?

“My favorite nature spot around the DC area is the Calvert Cliffs on the Chesapeake Bay! These cliffs contain fossilized shark teeth, reptile teeth, scallop shells, and other fossils from the Miocene buried on the cliff side and on the shoreline. It’s like taking a walk back in time!” – Anita Harrington

The DC area has a robust food scene! Do you have any restaurants whose sustainability efforts stand out amongst others?

“Born in Oceanside, CA in 2014, Hello Betty can now be found in Bethesda, MD, their second location. What I love about Hello Betty is that they focus their mission on local communities supporting the environment. They have unique pay-it-forward programs that support sustainable fishing practices and the local arts community. Find them on Rose Pike Avenue!” – Ana Fowler

How do you lower your carbon footprint while living in the DMV area?

“I’ve been a strong advocate of biking and walking within DC. Every trip that can be done via bike or walk means less gas used, infrastructure lasts longer before needing repairs, and you are able to stay in better shape! There is a lot of beauty you can stop and view when not in a car, whether it’s smelling the roses or catching a glance of the sunset over National Mall.” – Adam Phelps

What are your tips to get more involved in bettering our environment?

“If you would like to get more involved in progressing the environmental health of the DMV area, there are many ways to do so! Many points were covered in above prompts, however I would like to vouch for joining groups that host cleanups and other environmental events. Surfrider partners with local groups to increase awareness through cleanups, tabling events, and even volunteering for sporting events such as marathons.” – Erin Esbenshade

Additionally, Surfrider has a few positions open for grabs if you’d like to apply! The open positions are as follows:

  • Vice Chair Coordinator – Runs the meeting/event in the chairs absence.
  • Volunteer Coordinator – Leads volunteer recruitment by communicating those needs to the membership and posting volunteer opportunities elsewhere as appropriate. Gets to know volunteers to better present opportunities and get the community more involved!
  • Secretary – Sends out monthly/bi-monthly emails to bring notice to meetings and events, keeps track of meeting notes, drafts and publishes blogs.
  • Fundraising Committee Chair – Helps to organize chapter fundraisers.

We always have spots open to join our volunteer and clean-up committees, because the more the merrier! If you are interested in getting involved or learning more information, please visit our open positions page!

A special thank you to those who contributed their tried and true ways to this blog post.